TOP-5 Treatment to Stay Fresh this Summer

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With the great number of cosmetic treatments that promise to keep you fresh and rejuvenated, you are probably wondering what to get and ditch this summer. Laser procedures and Botox injections have always been popular, but are they safe if you want to bask in the sun?
We round up some of the mainstay beauty treatments that are safe and effective for skin-conscious and sun-loving people like you.

Hottest cosmetic procedures for summer

Sure, you want to prep yourself for summer. It is the time to flaunt your smooth, firm, and flawless skin, but the sun can be unforgiving and we can end up with sun damage. Dermal photoaging can lead to sunspots, lines and wrinkles, and enlarged pores. Lots of sunscreen is necessary, but it may not be enough.

To keep your face and body summer-ready, you may need a little help from skin experts. Basically, you need treatments with minimal downtime and won’t make your skin overly sensitive to the sun.

How to stay fresh in summer 2020?

1. Laser Procedures

From laser vein treatment to fractional laser (Fraxel), there are many types of laser treatments that can make you look fresh and radiant. Fraxel can fade dark spots, improve acne scars, and reduce pore size without the adverse effects that are common in other skin resurfacing procedures.

Laser vascular reduction can get rid of those unsightly broken capillaries, spider veins, or thread veins. This non-invasive treatment is safe even during summer, but you need sun protection before and after the procedure.

The 3D laser lipo fat reduction is a fitting alternative to traditional liposuction. It is also less invasive, so there is no downtime. Aside from mild swelling, bruising, and redness, you can go back to your daily activities in a couple of days. Whether you need fat reduction, a simple skin tightening, or a cellulite reduction – the machine does it all.

2. Facial treatments

A good brightening or anti-aging facial is a must if you want that summer glow. The truth is, there is no wrong season to get a facial. Skilled therapists can customise the treatment to address your skin’s specific needs.

That ever-reliable moisturiser is your friend, but regular facials can do wonders for your skin. For summer, though, you need a treatment that focuses on repair, hydration, and sun protection. Skip over-exfoliation and strong chemical peels because they would increase sun sensitivity.

Your summer skin would love a relaxing facial that reduces oil and shine without making your skin dry. Choose facial treatments with added peptides and antioxidants to fight free-radicals and protect your skin from sun damage.

3. Botox Injections

Botox is a trusted injectable that serves millions of faces. More young people are now at ease in using Botox to smoothen facial creases and prevent the formation of dynamic wrinkles. But do you know that botulinum toxin can also effectively treat other common medical problems such as excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)?

Dermal filler injection

In the beauty world, Botox is not only for sweaty underarms, palms, and soles. It is also being used to reduce scalp sweating. Some studies even reported that it can promote hair growth, but we need more evidence for that claim.

If you want to have smooth, fresh, and sweat-proof skin this summer, you should consider getting Botox injections.

4. Stretch marks Removal

We always want to look our best, even more so during summer, but wearing bikinis or skimpy bathing suits can be stressful if you have those tiger stripes. Here comes dermaroller. You can finally discard those lacklustre stretch marks creams and serums.

While it is not a new technique, it is fast becoming a cult favourite for a variety of aesthetic concerns. Dermarolling or microneedling is an excellent treatment for depressed acne scars, facial lines, stretch marks, and overall skin rejuvenation.

What’s so amazing about this treatment is that it promotes collagen production and elastin remodelling. It also boosts skin repair within skin cells without damaging the visible outer layer of the skin.

Although some people try to do dermarolling at home, it’s best to consult a licensed medical professional in aesthetic clinics to avoid side effects and serious complications.

5. Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency or RF treatment is a non-surgical procedure used for tightening loose and saggy skin. It can be performed on the face, neck, and body using heat energy. Is it a laser? No.

They have the same mechanism of action, which is the use of heat to change the skin (thermal ablation). However, lasers use light energy while RF uses electricity or radio waves.

RF skin tightening is safe for all skin types and colours because it doesn’t specifically target melanin. Therefore, if you have darker skin, the risk of developing hyperpigmentation and other side effects is reduced.

Energy-based treatments like lasers and RF are safe for summer because they have little to no downtime. Such procedures target the deeper layers of the skin while keeping the surface intact. Just don’t forget our mantra for all seasons: always be vigilant about sunscreen!

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