Stretch Mark Removal: Effective Treatment or Just a Hack

effective stretch mark removal treatment

Stretch marks affect both women and men of all ethnicities, sizes, and ages where scars develop after the skin is subjected to abrupt changes through stretching or shrinking. Treatments are available for stretch mark removal in London and the best way to find your nearest clinic is to start with an Internet search for laser stretch mark removal near me.

What are Stretch Marks

Even though it can be fairly common, stretch marks can affect your confidence especially when they occur on exposed areas such as the arms and legs. Stretch marks can be permanent but there are many options to reduce their visibility if prevention steps weren’t taken beforehand. The average laser stretch mark removal cost in the UK is about £150 per session.

Depending on skin colour, stretch marks usually appear as red, purple, or dark brown lines where the skin’s collagen and elastin has ruptured through rapid expansion or contraction. Collagen is an important protein that helps give the skin a tight and smooth appearance but the production collagen can be taxed with skin changes as well as declining with age.

When they first appear, stretch marks can be inflamed and elevated from the skin and may be itchy. Over time, the visible colour fades as they become more submerged and turn into pale streaks. Sometimes it can also cause a depression in the skin due to the loss of pigmentation and atrophy of the collagen and elastin.

Dermatologic treatments performed by specialists will work on different skin types and stretch mark laser removal for dark skin and light skin are effective techniques although you typically need more than one laser session.


Stretch marks generally occur when there’s a change in the skin elasticity through rapid weight fluctuations, muscle growth through intensive training, pregnancy, or adolescence. This causes the skin’s collagen and elastin to rupture, which leaves visible scars. Stretch marks can also be a result of a hormone imbalance, genetics, stress, and medications that cause the skin’s elastic fibres to weaken.

effective stretch mark removal treatment

Effective Stretch Mark Removal

While stretch marks don’t pose any health risk, they can make you self-conscious. While laser stretch mark removal and skin tightening comes highly recommended for removing stretch marks, there are other options available such as surgery, which is more invasive and expensive or you can try a natural approach to try improve the aesthetics of permanent scarring.

There are many topical products that claim to get rid of stretch marks but for the most part, these are ineffectual and those that have a high retinol content must be used cautiously. Tanning to hide stretch marks is another myth and can actually make the skin scars appear more prominent.

Yoga and Sport

Swimming, walking, and yoga are things that can help in preventing and reducing stretch marks. Physical activity stimulates antioxidants action that helps increase the blood flow, which is essential for promoting new collagen.

Sudden and intensive exercising like bodybuilding can in fact cause stretch marks as the skin has to compensate for rapid muscle growth. The same is true when you abruptly stop exercising because of the loss of muscle tone that results in loose skin. Consistent, gentle exercising is a balanced approach in keeping the muscles evenly toned while maintaining a healthy body weight.

Laser Therapy

Laser treatments are effective in stretch mark removal for men and women. Laser therapies work by resurfacing the outer skin layers to restructure the dermis. Highly concentrated pulses of light stimulate skin growth thereby drastically decrease the stretch mark’s appearance.

Non-ablative and ablative treatments are available. Ablative destroys the skin’s upper layer to allow for the generation of new skin tissue whereas non-ablative works below the surface of the skin to promote collagen production. For complete stretch mark removal, you will need to undergo multiple sessions that are a couple of weeks apart.


Cosmetic surgery is another effective stretch mark removal treatment but should be a last resort in severe cases because it comes with risks and will be more expensive than any other treatment. The affected area is surgically removed and typically done as part of a tummy tuck procedure.

Trying alternative treatments such as laser or micro-needling are effective without the use of chemicals or aggressive skin intrusion, and they are generally safe for most people. Both these technique can be effective as a non-surgical approach to skin regeneration and tightening. It’s worth considering those routes before making the serious decision to go for surgery.

Female belly with stretch marks

Preventing Stretch Marks

With scarred skin, the most harmless yet effective treatment will be laser stretch mark removal offered by most London clinics. However, if you are in the fortunate position where you haven’t experienced getting stretch marks, but you’re planning to fall pregnant, start a new exercise regime or weight loss program, there are several things you can do as a preventative measure.

For any pregnant or breastfeeding mother, always consult with your doctor before trying anything new to deal with skin conditions.


Drinking sufficient amounts of water, herbal teas, and decaffeinated fluids help hydrate the skin and keep it soft and supply. The drier the skin, the higher the risk of getting stretch marks.

Diet and Supplements

Stick to a well-balanced diet that is rich in nutrients. Vitamins C, D, and E, zinc, and protein are important to promote skin health, supports collagen, and can minimize the visibility of stretch marks if they occur.

Weight Control

Regardless if you’re pregnant or not, it is possible to control your weight and stay nourished. Finding a safe exercise routine and diet plan are key to weight management that helps avoid extreme fluctuations in skin stretching or shrinking.

Topical Medication

Creams cannot get rid of stretch marks but depending on the product quality, they can help diminish dark coloured stretch marks. Using tissue oils constantly or during early pregnancy can make inevitable stretch marks look lighter and less severe before they form.

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