Cheek Enhancement

Non-surgical cheek enhancement is ideal if you are looking to lift and rejuvenate your cheeks without the need for surgical procedures.

WHY CHOOSE Cheek Enhancement

The treatment is designed to tackle the normal signs of ageing, including sagging of the skin around the face as well as smoothing out wrinkles, leaving you with a more refreshed and youthful appearance. The treatment involves the use of an injection to administer the dermal filler. The treatment may be uncomfortable and topical anaesthetic will be applied prior to the treatment. The results of the treatment will last up to 9 months and a second treatment can be performed to maintain the results.  The treatment is also suitable for those who are looking to have a more prominent cheekbone.

Recovery Time
Treatment Time
Anaesthetic Required

Who can benefit from this procedure?

This treatment is aimed at anyone who feels their cheeks are not looking as youthful and plump as they once did. The treatment is safe and effective, and aims to quickly combat these issues.

How does the cheek enhancement procedure work?

Once numbing cream is applied, a dermal filler injection will be injected into your cheek. The injections are made from natural gel, which acts to ‘plump up’ the cheeks giving a more desirable youthful look.

How long do the results last, are there any side effects?

The results from this procedure are evident immediately and typically last up to 9 months (depending on individuals). Typical side effects of this procedure include: redness, swelling, asymmetry, and infection. Our trained medical practitioners will do their best to minimise this. Furthermore, you will be given tailored advice on aftercare so that you can ensure the results are optimal.

How long is the procedure?

This procedure is relatively quick, lasting around 30-45mins.

Initial consultation

A full medical consultation will be required before undertaking this procedure


It is not recommended that you try this procedure if you are: pregnant, breastfeeding, or have severe allergies.

Anaesthetic used

Topical anaesthetic will be given before the procedure starts, full recovery is expected after 48 hours.

Cheek Enhancement
1.5 ml £600
2 ml £750


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