Your Best Friend for Laser Hair Removal – Soprano ICE Platinum

pain-free laser hair removal London

Your Best Friend for Laser Hair Removal – Soprano ICE Platinum

Benefit from the latest in skin technology with the Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal machine, available at Dermagical Skin Clinic in London. The Soprano ICE Platinum’s technology combines three laser wavelengths to target your unwanted hair and leave your skin silky smooth and hair-free!

Perhaps you have already decided that laser hair removal is a great choice for you. You’re tired of spending hours shaving or waxing or experimenting with creams and epilators. You’re ready to experience silky smooth skin that is hair-free.

But you also want a treatment that is both safe and convenient, and one that takes advantage of the latest technology in laser hair removal. The top-of-the-line Soprano ICE Platinum laser is the best machine on the market, and Dermagical Skin Clinic uses it for full body and partial hair removal here in London!

What is the Soprano ICE Platinum?

The Soprano ICE Platinum is a medical device produced by Alma Lasers, an international company with offices in Germany, the United States, Hong Kong, India, and Australia.

Alma Lasers produces a variety of laser devices as well as other medical products; the Soprano ICE Platinum is one of the most advanced devices in the field of laser hair removal.

pain-free laser hair removal London

The Soprano ICE Platinum device uses “trio clustered diode technology,” or three different wavelengths in one laser, which allows it to target a broad spectrum for treatment. On the market for over ten years, this device has proven safe and effective on all skin types.

Its technology allows for optimal absorption and penetration to remove unwanted hair. Treatment with a Soprano ICE Platinum device ensures a comprehensive solution for your area(s) of unwanted hair.

How does treatment with the Soprano Ice Platinum work?

At Dermagical Skin Clinic, you will have a series of short, simple sessions that will result in permanent hair reduction. Laser hair removal with the Soprano Ice Platinum is a non-invasive procedure. That means there is no anesthetic, no recovery time, and you will see immediate results.

The lasers target your hair follicles – including the various components of the hair follicle: the bulge, bulb, and papilla – and destroy unwanted hair at the root.

Soprano ICE Platinum uses Alma Laser’s patented SHR technology. It gradually heats the dermis (skin) to damage hair follicles without affecting the surrounding tissue.

During the process, the applicator is moved repeatedly over the skin; this movement provides coverage of the entire area targeted for hair removal. Soprano ICE Platinum also uses cooling technology to keep your skin’s surface cool.

You will see immediate results; however, unwanted hair does usually regrow after treatment. By undergoing multiple treatment sessions (or “top-offs”), you will see a permanent reduction in unwanted hair – meaning that shaving or waxing the treated area(s) is no longer necessary.

Most clients at Dermagical Skin Clinic achieve satisfactory permanent hair reduction after eight to ten treatments. Please note that more sessions may be necessary in some cases, especially for clients with lighter hair or darker skin. Most of our clients report that the procedure is pain-free, with a slight warming sensation.

Additional Benefits of the Soprano ICE Platinum

The Soprano ICE Platinum is equipped with a facial tip applicator, which allows technicians to target small and delicate areas of your face, including ears and nostrils. In effect, no area is too small for this exceptional device.

Due to its use of multiple laser wavelengths, the Soprano ICE Platinum is an effective solution for a variety of hair removal needs. It is a one-stop-shop for anyone seeking full body or partial body hair removal. Make a consultation appointment today at Dermagical Skin Clinic!

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